domingo, 29 de marzo de 2009

Milan Gamiani vuelve a Barcelona!

Solo por 14 dias, pero nuestro Milan regresa a casa, de Abril 1 al 15; alli le puedes contactar al movil
+34 679 16 18 26
Despues de estar en casita unos dias Milan marcha a Palma de Mallorca para un espectaculo en uno de los mejores clubs de la isla, mas adelante les traeremos mas noticias y fotos del evento...

Even thought for just a few days, 14 to be exact, from April 1 to 15, Milan returns home to Barcelona. There you can reach him on his mobile +34 6791 6 1826
After the short stay in Barcleona Milan will be visiting Palma de Mallorca to perform on one of the biggest clubs there in the island. Stay tunned for more details and phothos of the event...

jueves, 19 de marzo de 2009

Milan Gamiani en Paris +33 687 728 422

On my way to Paris!! Camino a Paris...

Next Monday March 16, 2009 Gamiani departs for Paris, France for a few weeks to shoot a new film in location at the Citebeur Studios.
The same company seems to have fallen in love all over again with Gamiani with whom the had not shoot any more films since the 3 they did in 2005 and 2006. Since last December 2008, they have started communicating again and shooting once again for their new line called "" and "" where Gamiani has all ready shoot 3 new films and is on his way to shoot 2 more this month.
We hope to se more of Gamiani on the future productions of "Citebeur" and their associated companies and we will do our best to bring you more photos of the behind the scenes and other actors from the production.
As always Milan is reachable on his mobile phone at +34 679 16 18 26 all thought while i n Paris you can reach him always on his French mobile
+33 687 728 422.
Escort Profile on Gay Romeo is "PornStarMilanGamiani"
on Gaydar "10inchfuckboy" all thought can not read messages on Gaydar
Become a fan on Milan Gamiani on Facebook
Also a friend under profile name Milan Gamiani
or the official Spanish Fan Club

Next traveling schedule:
Paris March 16 to 30, 2009
Barcelona April 1 to 15, 2009
Palma de Mallorca April 15 to 23, 2009
Madrid May, 2009 (exact dates to be confirmed)
Zurich June 2 to 15, 2009 Euro Pride 09 Milan is the image for the biggest Party of the celebration...

Drinking Milan Gamiani H2O, the official Water for the Gay Tennis Team of Barcelona.

Este proximo Lunes 16 de Marzo, 2009 Gamiani nos deja unas semanitas para ir a rodar una nueva pelicula en Paris.
El famoso actor parece haberle caido en gracia a la productora "Citebeur" con quien habia rodado 3 peliculas en el 2005 y 2006 y sin haber echo nada mas a finales del 2008 le volvieron a llamar para hacer nuevas producciones para su nueva firma de "" y "" con quien desde Diciembre del 2008 ya ha rodado 3 peliculas y va en camino de rodar 2 mas. Esperemos ver mas de Gamiani en las nuevas producciones pronto, e intentaremos brindarles mas fotos de trasvastidores en proximas entradas al blog...

Como siepre Milan esta localizable en su movil
+34 679 16 18 26 para contrataciones aun que el tiempo que este en Paris se le encontrara mas facilmente en su numero Frances +33 687 728 422.

Milan se puede encontrar en los perfiles comerciales o de escorts en Gay Romeo "PornStarMilanGamiani" o en Gaydar "10inchfuckboy" Aun que en este ultimo no puede recivir mensajes.

Proximos viajes
Barcelona del 1 al 15 de Abril, 2009
Palma de Mallorca del 15 al 23 de Abril. 2009
Madrid Mayo, 2009 ( fechas en concreto mas adelanrte)
Zurich del 2 al 15 de Junio, 2009 Europride, Imagen de la gran fiesta.

Unete al fan de Milan Gamiani en Facebook o a el club de fans official en España
fotos de Abelmo barcelona +34 690 195 285

Tomando Milan Gamiani H2O, El Agua auspiciadora de equipo de Tennis Gay de Barcelona.
Milan Gamiani interviewed on " Magazine" a Romanian Magazine like no other...
here are the links to the interview, translation to English to follow...
EXCLUSIV : Interviu cu Milan Gamiani, dublu premiat la European Gay Porn Awards
Photos from Alexi Arteaga



English version

Porn ceased to be the dirty little closet secret of men and women alike.

While many persons admit to using porn and being interested in porn latest, the industry itself undergoes a lot of changes and presents us with fresh meat and fresh looks, novel scripts and a photographic quality never encountered before.

Milan Gamiani (according to some internet sources born in 1973 or 1974) debuted in gay porn in 2004 with Jean Daniel Cadinot on "Hammam".

Since then Gamiani has started on countless movies from production companies like Cazzo Film Berlin, Lucas Entertainment, Raging Stallion, Private, Cadinot, Men At Play and many more. His IMDB page lists some 28 movies to date; and in 2007, he was awarded the Best Actor trophy at the Hard Choice Awards in New York, His home town, and has been awarded in multiple categories from "best scene" to "best new comer", "best movie" in awards ceremonies like the European Gay Porn Awards, the Hard Choice Awards, Galvin Awards and David Awards.

Milan has appear in the cover of many magazines like "Men", "Macho", "Latin Inches", "Unzipped", "Moxow" amongst many more and has even been featured in the Spanish version of Cosmopolitan as the month of July 08 on their yearly calendar and also on many TV commercials and promotions of their TV channel by the same name. ( this news traveled really fast and when the gay blog community in Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina found out that a gay porn star was selected for the all female audience channel, they went crazy with the story and published many forums and pictures of Gamiani from his entire career in the industry, we all loved it!!)

Gamiani also has a section on a TV Show on a local station in Barcelona where he resides.

Octavian: Milan, hi. Why did you choose Europe over the States?

And how come you're in the porn industry?

Well as you all might know from reading on my web-site's bio page,( I actually did not choose to stay in Europe, I was basically forced to stay...

On the next question's answer I explain a bit more on the subject of the circumstances of why I actually had to stay; but the truth of the matter is that I was on holiday for 1 month here in Europe when I received news from my Lawyer in New York that my boyfriend at the time, who was in prison, was having a speedy trial on where I was asked to testify against him, and I just could not do it..... that forced me to stay in Barcelona where I was at the time and later loose everything I had worked all my life for and more.

With out any funds, everything was frozen by the government, and with a massive depression I toke in a role on my first production which was for none other than the deceased Jean Daniel Cadinot who fell in love with my innocent face (so I been told, that is innocent I mean...) even thought I was only trying to get a job as a set decorator on the adult industry's convention in Barcelona that year. You see I was a very successful event decorator who had his own shop in 3 major cities, New York, Atlanta and Miami and who worked as a freelance designer for the top decorator in America Preston Bailey, so my idea was to enter on a field I knew, but little that I know that hunger would call at my door and find me with out a penny to my name; So, a Porn Star was born... LOL

- - -

Octavian: What is your opinion about bareback porn?

It is so wrong!!
Please don't
judge or jump to conclusions, My stand on the subject is in disagrees with the industry exploiting it, but I also knows that if none of the American companies or anti bareback production companies like Chi Chi La Rue are not willing to hire, I must give in to the trend to remain the Porn Star that I am today. You might want to know that this latest film from Macho Fucker where I perform with my current partner, has been the answer to an unemployed actor to finding another role to play, since there are not too many productions hiring in Europe at the moment and I can not go back to USA where I am form to film there (due to my involvement in New York with my Ex-Partner, the Ex-director of stock exchange of the company Enron, the big fraud scandal of the energy company during George Bush's first administration... and to what I owe having lost my children; Yes I am bisexual and have 2 precious couple, boy and girl.
Well, having lost my fortune and family and friends form the Big Apple, all this been the reason why I became a porn actor to begging with and why till today I am still not over what I have gone through with this all, including like I mentioned not been able to return home, Well all that combine forces you to accept roles that you might regret.
(you can read more about it on my soon to come out auto biography and novel "They Call me Milan" or take a sneak peak on my web under bio)
Just to let you all know, booth scenes that I have performed Bare Back, have been with my Lover at the time, Leo Yanko and I spend 1 yr 3 mo together during the time of the shooting of Berlin Private 6 and Peto and I have now been involved since the first time we meet during the filming of Deep in 2007.

Of course always under the advise on the film that the picture you are about to see is of fantasy porpoises only and that you should not do such practices in real life.

I think that with this disclaimer you could decide as responsible adults what you know is right and wrong and know the consequences could affect you. In the era that we live in and with as many technological advances at our finger tips, if you are not informed is because you choose not to be.
You could think differently but the truth of the matter is that Bare Back sells and as long as people are buying it, producers are going to make them, and I have to work. Even tho I have decided not to accept any other role in this practice unless is with my partner in real life.

follow Milan and his opinions, events and news on his blog at
- - -

Octavian: What actor would you like to play next to?

Wow, so many!! Ben Andrews, Chat Hunt, I think you see where I am aiming no? what can I say there is something about those two, who at some point where rivals that really turn me on, i wonder what it is? LOL... No but seriously apart from their over 24cm each I think we could do some thing really hot that my fans would enjoy, and after all , I am all about my fans and ....

there are other boys and men that I would like to film with, for instance I would love to have the entire Men At Play team on a huge orgy!, You guys know the website no? it was one of my first companies to work with, check them out, then you tell me if I am right on wanting that scene...

- - -

Octavian: What's your favorite role to date?

I measure my work on more than just the role I play or the money I make, I take on to consideration the over all experience of the entire project beginning to end, and after the over all consideration I decide what moves on the list of my favs of all time...

top 3

Dot Cum from, because I have never been treated so royally in any other set, they over did themselves on this one turning me on the prince of Cazzo Film

Desperate House Husbands 2 from Private, because not only did I have a staring role,(even tho I only appear on the center inside photo and on the back) narrate the movie and even tho it does not appear on the credits I re-wrote the entire film, I had the best of times with the crew hoping to teach the Hungarian actors to speak English amongst other main events, it was the first time I did a full coverage of the behind the scenes and it turn out great..

Berlin Private 6 form, not only because we won the best movie award form the European Gay Porn awards in the recent years, but also because I worked with my boyfriend at the time and we truly made magic on that set. What can I say, when you mix the emotions, the passion and the true romance, nothing better can come out...

- - -

Octavian: When you're offered a part in a movie, do you consider the sex script or the action script?

Well is rare that a director or production company gives the actor much details in advance, it does not work like in conventional cinema where they give you a script for you to read and decide, more or less they contact you about a casting you might have done for them if not then, some time ago, or if you work often with the company they might have you already in mind, they place that call and very little more is said than that they have a new production set for x days, so can you make it to shoot on x and x days etc...

I wish we had more participation on the selection of our films, what we have to say or do, but then again that is why so many actors have become wannabe directors and so on...

- - -

Octavian: If theory has it right, porn is the one way to objectify men and women. How do you feel about that? I guess that's a question you're always asked, what part of body do you like most, but do people also ask you what do you like more of your personality?

Men and woman are objectified all the time, form the construction worker who screams at a woman as they see her pass " mamasita I would eat you up!" amongst other stupid remarks to the cute guy who only gets a job at Abercrombie and Fitch just precisely for his good looks and plumped little ass... We are all submitted to been the object of another ones desires, but till today it has not killed any one, what are we going to do, if porn is said to be that, they rejoice on the fact that we are all able to watch one from time to time and get our rocks off if is not too bad...

For my work I like most my big cock and equally my cute face, let me believe it first, that is cute I mean LOL because they are the 2 most important points of focal attention when they see me on film, I do personally like the fact that I can put the two together when I perform auto fellatio and give me a heck of a satisfaction in a few minutes time...LOL No but seriously I do like my personality in over all most of all, extroverted, sincere, funny, mostly happy go lucky, dedicated, intelligent, decided and in a more descriptive way, passionate, romantic, delicate and rough at the same time, enthusiastic and bla bla bla , you know?

- - -

Octavian: Does gay porn bring a world of good to gay rights?

I really don't think it brings anything more than money to the producers, happy moments to the viewers and media exposure to the actors that in many cases like in mine, we also dedicate our self's to the adult industry in general, serving as gogo dancers in famous clubs, been the image of parties and publications around the globe and serving as companions for a moderately higher price that your average escort just for been who we are... ( for more information call +34 6791 61 826) As far as gay rights is concern, we have accomplished a lot in the last 30 or 40 years, but I think it has little to none to do with porn. We don't even have a union...LOL I just realize that this question was tricky and seem right out of a beauty pageant...

- - -

Octavian: If you were to describe the average gay porn character, what would he be like? How about the average gay porn consumer?

Well, the average porn character is a cute guy, with a nice cock, bun or booth who is always looking to get in to trouble with the first guy he sees on the set, normally the circumstances are all part of some ones fantasy and is set on the most unexpected way or on the most obvious. I don't know if that is what you are asking, perhaps you might want to know who is the average gay porn actor, which in that case is normally some one who was already working in the adult industry, or with the desires to do so, some one not too shy, with a big sex drive and in occasions the tribe for fame within the gay community and money, much to their surprise there isn't much of either, you have to work really hard, find your own contacts and expose your self to get ahead, if you only depend on the production company you might not get too far, they only promote you and the movie for about 3 months after it comes out, if you want to do appearances on clubs and such, you almost every time have to look for it your self, like I said, the companies do very little for the models after the release promo tour.

The average consumer, well, I think we all are consumers of porn one way or another, whether on video, on the internet or on the sex clubs, sooner or later in life we watch some porn more or less some than others but we all almost all do. You do not need to be anything special or have a particular fetish or fantasy that you would be fixated in, you just put it on some times just to have it as back ground during sex or at an orgy or something like that. Nothing wrong with watching porn, also with not watching it, just like with anything don't let it become an addiction or occupy to much of your time, there are way more important things to do in life than watch porn for hours at the time... no? I mean i love you guys for watching my porn, but with moderation almost everything is ok...
- - -

Octavian: You've been in the Spanish version of Cosmopolitan as a calendar boy, and this caused some scandal. Don't you think that woman's mags should relax a bit and not feature only straight men models?

You are absolutely right, if a model is what they are looking for who cares what is their sexual orientation, in any case there are more gay male models than straight ones I think, at least I have meet more gay ones than straight. You know in places like Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and a few others the news of my appearance on the calendar raced a lot of questions and eye brows, people where very surprised and all reacting positively, so I think times are changing, I remember a comment on a forum discussion that said something like "It was about time they started taking in to consideration that any female oriented magazine or TV station has a big percentage of gay viewers, so is good that they give us something in return" I was very happy to have read that cause is very true.

- - -

Octavian: Alongside acting, you're involved in the TV and radio world, as well as writing. What is your book about? With Aiden Shawn as your predecessor, why do you think that more and more performers from the porn industry turn to writing?

I do work on TV and Radio as a commentator and collaborator on booth media forms and I love it, we get some really interesting experiences working on those fields. On my section on TV i get to interview other professionals of the adult industry and booth in front of the cameras and behind, I get to do Live Castings with my mini reality show called "Porn Star Idol" which is a version of "Star Idol" where the casted group of wanna be actors get the chance to be thought and advised by me and other professionals on how to become a porn star, and the winner gets to star on a major production at the end of the run.

I think many people turn to writing as part of our growing process and in search of financial income, in my case I have a lot to tell, many stories that are very interesting and worth the time to spend reading them and establishing conversations over. There is the fact that my mother was a famous Broadway star, the fact the I left my house at age 14 to live for some time on the streets, got married at 16, earned my first 50,000.00$ at age 18 and became a millionaire by age 25, there are my 2 kids, there is the fact of my divorce of my wife and the union with a high range top associate of the "Enron" company and the scandal that that was, his imprisonment and the lost of my entire capital in order to avoid testifying against the only man I truly ever loved and my becoming a Porn Star in order to survive on a foreign country and with out a penny to my name or a job or residency permit to remain in that unknown place to try on living the best way I possibly could provide for my self and my kids. So I am pretty sure you will agree with me that the book has to be written and that hopefully it will be a best seller in no time at all...

- - -

Octavian: Where do you see yourself in 5 years' time? How about 10?

I try to not look to far in to the future as the experience I lived in USA where I had my life fully planned and taken care of for the rest of it, with a pension plan, trust funds and retirement funds all assuring me that my future was under control, all until one day the US government decided that they would freeze all my assets investments and properties because of reasonable doubt to believe that I was involved with "Enron" as well as my boyfriend was. So I live day by day, try to secure my future one day at a time and with as much as I possibly can, but always concentrating on the next couple of moths rather than the years ahead of my time. I live well, eat well and rest as much as I can, I send money to my kids and meet all my responsibilities so they be personal or professional and of course always knowing that nothing is for ever, specially porn or TV and Radio alike. I would like to open a shop again but I believe I have to change countries for that, I am not sure that Barcelona would allow me to be anywhere where I would like to be as a decorator for special events there as they do not have this culture of using this service on the scale that I know how to do it.

If you know of a rich daddy that would like to help, send him my way... it will make it easier... LOL

- - -

Octavian: Is porn industry a battlefield or a playground? What do you recommend to newcomers?

Is a little bit of booth, for many is a play ground where they gat to keep their fantasies immortalized, me included, but is still is a job and is a lot more difficult than people ever can imagine, that is why on my TV show I portray as much of it as I can to show people what is really like to shoot a porn film or any kind of film for fact.

New comers? Well if you are doing it for the experience, the thrill, the exposure, the fantasy or simply to become famous in your town or possibly your country , go ahead, but if your aim is the money, i beg you to reconsider as unless you are a producer or the rights holder to the production the money is a lot more limited that I care to admit.

My cache is one of the highest around, but that is because I work on tv and Radio and I have earned my position in the industry with many awards for best actor and for best movies, scene or cover, so I have been lucky.

- - -

Octavian: What kind of statement do you think that a porn actor should make, I mean, when he is being totally open and positive about the blend of personal life and career, just like you? And how is that coming along with the world we live in?

You are making me think... LOL I think the statement should be, be who you are and don't be ashamed of it, do not harm any one on your way to the top and always represent your collective in the best way possible at all times. Be an example, a role model, not a shame to you and those around you, that is what I try to do my self.

The world we live in is becoming more accepting of the things that once upon a time people saw with bad eyes, remember Larry Flynt? Hustler Magazine? Is not like that any more, while they are still going to bust pedophiles and websites that are not properly ran, as they should, they are still been more opened to pornography been a part of our every day life. Keep Jerking it my friends! specially to my products...! LOL

- - -

Thanks, Milan. I'm very much looking forward to your book, and to new movie productions featuring you.

Thank you guys for this opportunity to spend a little time with you giving me the chance to show you a closer and more accessible Milan Gamiani than the star they say I am....

I look forward to been your cover some time soon after people there star to know who I am...

a great big kiss for you all, and don't forget me, I never will forget you guys!

Milan Gamiani

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SKY in Andorra

The famous photographer Juan Carlos Alonso took Gamiani out on a sky trip this last weekend march 7 to 9, 2009 to shoot a new session of photos for Gamiani's book... this is one of the behind the scenes photos... more to come...

El pasado fin de semana del 7 al 9 de Marzo del 2009, el famoso fotografo Juan Carlos Alonso llevo a Gamiani a eskiar en Andorra y hacer una session de fotos nueva para el book de Milan, estas son algunas de las imagenes de tras vastidores... Mas por venir, estate pendiente...

chad hunt bottoms for the 1st time...

Phenix Saint, Cort Donovan and Nash Lawler Fuck Chad Hunt
Mi buen amigo Chad Hunt, el mas grande de los grandes actores porno de USA y con la polla mas grande de la industria hace de pasivo por primera vez...
clika en el video para verlo...

After all the rumor, director Jett Blakk posted 2 pictures on his blog with simple title “OK It’s True” and revealed the whole cast of Dirty Bird Pictures’s ENDGAME. After being in the industry for nearly as many years as there are inches on his cock (11), top man Chad Hunt was gangbanged by Cort DonovanNash Lawler and Phenix Saint! Chad also let something else slip — the biggest penis in the business is retiring after this movie (Yeah, right … before a special comeback)

+ Watch Behind The Scenes Footage

Uno en uno con Milan Gamiani!


Como tal vez ya sabesis, Milan Gamiani se ha convertido en uno de las
caras mas famosas de la industria erotica Europea. No solamente se ha
convertido en un nombre comun en las habitaciones de sus espectadores
que tan atentamente le admiran en la intimidad en sus actuaciones de
sus mas de 26 peliculas, pero es que tambien les ha entrado por el
salon de casa gracias a sus multiples apariciones televisivas contando
desde el calendario Cosmopolitan 2008, donde se mostro su precioso
cuerpo en el caliente mes de Julio.
Visto miles de veces en los comerciales televisivos de la cadena del
mismmo nombre y tambien los comerciales de television para promocionar
concursos, sorteos de regalos y series televisivas de la misma cadena
Cosmopolitan Television de España, donde por cierto causo gran revuelo
en los medios, desde España a Brazil y alli donde la noticia llegara
de el que un chico bisexual que participa en peliculas eroticas de
tematica mayormente gay, haya salido seleccionado entre miles para
representar uno de los meses del famoso y esperado calendario de cada

Bueno pues que no solo por ahi para la cosa, si no que tambien su
apariciones en programas como "Todos a Cien" de la "Sexta" donde ha
sido invitado y entrevistado varias veces para contarnos sus
experiencias en el cine erotico y las de su vida propia. Ademas de
haber tenido su propia seccion en el programa de Jordi Gonzalez "La
Vìa Lactia" de canal 8TV de Barcelona donde nos deleitaba cada semana
con nuevas e intrigantes selecciones de peliculas eroticas, jugetes,
libros y noticias del mundo de la intimidad, de la sexualidad, del
cine erotico y mucho mas, y es que este joven y apuesto presentador se
las ingeniaba siempre para traerle a todos los visitants del programa,
regalos, sorpresas y mucha alegria pa´l cuerpo…

Milan tambien ha llegado a nuestras vidas por la radio, con varias
entrevistas y visitas regulares a las emisoras radiofonicas donde en
ocasiones se le ha podido escuchar dando consejitos de Porn Star a
cualquiera con deseos de serlo y compartiendo su vida con los
radioyentes que, por cierto, es muy interesante.

Muchos ya saben que la carrera de Milan esta llena de logros y premios
a lo largo de su corta trayectoria, desde Haber sido nominado a
multiples categories en todos los premios habidos y por haber hasta
ganarlos año tras año consecutivo y sin parar.
Numeramos algunos…

Ganador del premio Norte Americano "Hard Choice Awards" 2006 y 2007
a mejor actor los dos años consecutivos.
Ganador de "La mejor escena" por la pelicula "Enconters Point of No
Return" De Lucas Entertainment en el 2006.
Ganador del premio a la mejor pelicula del 2006 de los premios Norte
Americanos "Hard Choice Awards" por "Barcelona Nights".
Ganador del mejor actor "Hunk" de los premios "European Gay Porn
Awards" 2008 en Berlin.
Ganador del premio al miembro viril mas grande de Inglaterra del año 2006…

Como veis este chico no para… A si que sigue sus pasos aqui mismo en este blog y enterate de todo cuanto pasa en la vida de el... Si lo deseas tambien puedes hacerte admirador en Facebook, (milan gamiani) Hasta la proxima....

martes, 3 de marzo de 2009

Milan Gamiani en Odisea Magazine Madrid Marzo 2009

Ya salio la revista Odisea del mes de Marzo donde aparecen dos reportajes muy interesantes con Milan como foco de las imagenes. la primera la puedes descargar en el siguiente enlace
Una vez lo habras baja hasta que encuentres la foto de Milan y Ruben echa por mi gran amigo Jose Pedras.
Ademas puedes descargarte la entrevista que realizo Martin Mazza a Gamiani para la misma revista en con fotos de
Alexi Arteaga y Cazzo Film Berlin...

Esperemos que salgan muchas mas!
Gracias a, a Jose Pedras en face book, a y a Martin Mazza por su labor en estos reportajes.

Entrevista a continuacion...

Martin Mazza entrevista a Milan Gamiani:

Martin Mazza: Nombre. edad. lugar de nacimiento:

Milan Gamiani: ¿Edad? a ver, ¿tienes un espejo para ver como cuántos aparen-

to esta tarde? Así podre decirte cuantos tengo más o menos; ¿no?...("Risas") No

fuera de broma: más de 25 menos de 35, que vanidoso ¿no? ("Risas")

Nací en la fabulosa ciudad de Manhathan, New York, NY, ¡Cómo la echo de


M.M.: ¿Cómo empezaste en el porno?

M.G.: Érase una vez, un lindo príncipe de la bella tierra encantada de Nueva

Holanda...Je je je... No, en realidad me quedé en España por circunstancias muy especifícas

A continuacion y en diferente color (gris) partes de la misma respuesta que no se publicaron.

( ya las podreis leer en mi libro cuando salga el año proximo,si Dios me ayuda, eso y mucho mas...)

y tuve que empezar a buscarme la vida. Fue entonces cuando fui a

un festival de cine erótico, buscando trabajo como decorador de escenarios, me

topé con el ya fallecido famoso director de cine erótico Jean Daniel Cadinot,

quien se enamoró de mi carita de niño bueno y me ofreció trabajar en la

producción Hammam(2004) como uno de los principales actores, despues de

pensármelo bien, lo acepté y una estrella del porno nació ese día... ("Risas")

Sabes, es algo que nunca imagine que haria pero que me gustado mucho la experiencia de poder hacerlo, de ser bueno en ello y de ser otorgado premios porello como los de mejor actor (3 veces), mejor escena, premio revelacion, mejor chulazo, y hasta el premio a la polla mas grande de Inglaterra en el 2006...

M.M.: ¿Cuál es tu mejor pelicula?

M.G.: Bueno, la verdad que he tenido muy buenas experiencias rodando mis

películas, ya son 28, la mejor podría decir que fue Dot.Cumde Cazzo FilmBerlin.

No solamente por lo buena que es la película, el buen reparto que tiene, sino

también por la experiencia. Más que nada porque durante el rodaje pillé una

gripe y todos los del equipo de producción me estaban haciendo la pelota,

mas de lo que ya me lo hacen de por si, cuidandome, buscandome cositas, mimandome y hasta fueron a la farmacia como 4 veces a buscarme remedios para

la tos, la fiebre y todo lo que el estar enfermito conlleva, me diron unos dias de reposo entre escenas, cambiaron los horarios, movilizaron la produccion completa por acccomodarme a mi y a mis dolencias, que linods no?

M.M.: ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta del porno?

M.G.: Tendría que decir muchas cosas, de las más interesantes, poder ser dese-

ado por muchas personas sin tener que salir de casa... Y digo de mi casa no ir

de caza...("Risas")

No en realidad me gusta mucho la experiencia cinematografica, estar rodeado de luces, camaras, de tener un maquillador pendiente que estes perfecto, no se si sabes pero mi madre era actriz de Broadway y creci rodeado de todo esto, y me gusta mucho, nunca imagine que terminaria en la industria del cine erotico, pero almenos esta cerca de lo que me gusta mas, el mundo del espectaculo, TV, cine y teatro, ademas me ha dado la oportunidad de trabajar ya en la Tele, como colaborador en varios programasy con una seccion propia en un programa que conducia un muy conocido presentador de Tele 5 pero en en la television de Cataluña canal 8. He podido probar hasta en la radio, asi que me he beneficiado mucho de la industria del porno...

Y esto ademas de tener unos compañeros de rodaje casi siempre muy atractivos tambien es un plus! Y si encima lo graban y te queda de recuerdo, que te puedo decir, Ole!

Preguntas completamente omitidas.

Has tenido algun novio que tambien fuera actor porno?

A la verdad que novios he tenido pocos, algunos ya saben que soy bi sexual, he estado casado y tengo 2 hijos, (como los echo de menos a mis peques); pero novios, que dificil es tener un novio... Eso si que no lo echo de m nos fijate...(" Risas")He tenido uno que quizo saber en primera persona lo que era mi vida como actor porno, y me insistio mucho en que le consoguiera un papel en una de mis peliculas. Gracias a un chico que le fallo a una comapañia con la que empezaba a rodar, sugeri a mi pareja de ese momento como suplente y al director le entusiasmo mucho la idea por la chispa que veia entre nosotros. Hicimos dos peliculas para ellos y hemos compartido reparto en 3 mas aun que no interactuando uno con el otro. Aun que duramos poco (duramos 1 año poco mas) si que si, se puede decir que he tenido un novio que fuera actor porno tambien, aun que lo haya sido solo por saber como se siente ser Milan Gamianicomo fue la relacion?

Tengo un concepto extraño de lo vivido... intentare explicarlo lo mejor posible...

Apasionante, por la pasion tan intensa que surgia de nuestro simple estar uno con el otro.

El sexo era inigualable, intenso, dulce y feroz ala vez.

Tormentosa, por todos los tormentos que me hizo vivir, engañandome con otros y mintinedo al respecto. Puedo tener una relacion abierta, soy muy tolerante y de mente abierta para esas cosas, pero la sinceridad no puede faltar. Cariñosa, llena de ternura, desde el momento en que despertaba me hacia sentir como un principe, que es como estoy acostumbrado a estar. Especial,nunca lo olvidare, me enseño mucho y me dio mucho apollo en mi carrera y en mi vida.

Dura, cuando te enfrentas a una realidad ajena a tu imaginacion, no hay nada mas duro, terminar fue muy duro, lo deje yo a el y muchas veces me pregunte si hice bien.

Refrescante, todo era nuevo, diferente, libiano, yo empezaba a trabajar en la television, me acesoraba en mi imagen, me conseguia contactos importantes, me hacia la vida mas facil en todos los sentidos.

Dolorosa, sufri mucho con los desengaños, una relacion llena de celos y aun asi llena de momnetos bellos. Le llegue a querer mas de lo que imagine que podia, despues de las experiencias que habia vivido en Estados Unidos.

Emocionante, cada dia me sorprendia con algo nuevo, un regalo, con alguna caricia diferente, con acciones inesperadas y espontaneas, siempre lleno de sorpresas. Asi que te diria que fue una gran experiencia.

M.M.: Cuéntanos alguna

anécdota con algún fan...

M.G.: Te podría contar cada cosa que fliparías, pero algo un poco menos

explicito, no sé. Mira, casi siempre que salgo por el ambiente gay, me topo con

alguien que me reconoce y me pide hacerse una foto o que le firme un autografo, y eso siempre te hace sentir bien, una vez un chiquillo me paró en una fiesta en Londres y me estuvo intentando quitar la ropa durante 1 hora, hasta que al final consiguió que me quitase la camisa y que le hicieran una foto con el móvil

en la cual parecía que me estaba haciendo una felación, y no ves lo que dio de

hablar la fotico, hasta salió en la web de una revista digital de la noche en Londres...

Hay que ver los fans...

M.M.: ¿Qué es lo que más te pone de un hombre?

M.G.: Muchas cosas, la masculinidad sobre todo, el vello en las piernas, si es rubio

mejor, pero no discrimino, tanto en hombre como en mujer, las nalgas, redondas,

duras y grandes. En el sexo, todo lo oral, me fascina el sexo oral, aunque casi

nunca beso con lengua, suelo reservarlo para mi pareja sexual o alguien que me

guste mucho.

El sexo oral es mi primordial accion, tanto para recibirlo como para darlo, sea

donde sea y esto en un hombre me pone mucho!.

Otras preguntas tambien eliminadas en la entrevista publicada.

Que es lo q mas te gusta de España?

Este apis me ha abierto sus puertas, me ha dado de un palmito en la espalda y me ha brindado la oportunidad de re-hacer mi vida que aun que con pocas piezas, he podido recuperar la escencia de querer luchar y vivir bien.

Me gusta mucho la gente, los bellos pueblos del sur de la peninsula, algunas de las costubres y sobre todo la historia.

Tu lugar preferido de vacaciones?

Hay una Isla privada, "Tourneffe Island Resort" a 30 kilometors de la costa de Belize (Central America) donde solia ir de escapadas a hacer submarinismo cuando aun vivia en USA, es un lugar magico con un mar de un color Azul claro como el cielo y en sus profundidades Azul Zafiro oscuro y lleno de vida a la vez.

Alli solia ducharme en una ducha exterior que tenian las 20 cabañas que se dispersaban por la pequeña isla casi desertica, con grandes arboles y palmeras, con una mansion central donde se hacian las comidas, se reunian los huespedes para fiestas, para planear las salidas en los yates y para pasar los ratos en compañia de los demas, puesto que para estar solo eias la isla entera.

Es uno de los lugares mas precioso que he visto ademas que vivi alli muchos momentos espectaculares y preciosos, eso sin mencionar las visitas al "Blue Hole" en el medio del mar un increible agujero en el fondo del mar que no se sabe cuantos metros de profundidad ha de tener pues el hombre nunca ha podido llegar tan hondo.

Alquien quiere llevarme otra vez alli?

Tu pelicula de cine preferida, tu libro preferido, tu comida preferida, tu pelicula x preferida...

Tengo muchisimas peliculas que me gustan mucho, algunas por la asociacion a una epoca de mi vida que estuve feliz o enamorado otras por lo increiblemente buenas obras que son, otras por que me gusta mucho los atores en ella, otras por su historia, me gustan mucho las historias reales, dramas, echos veridicos e historicos...

Algunos titulos que me han impresionado...

"Moulin Rouge, Sunset Bulevard, Driving Miss Daisy, Beaches, Steel Magnolias, Breakfat at Tiffany's" entre otras...

Mi libro preferido, La auto biografia de mi madre, pronto, la mia, otro que me gusta mucho, "Midnight in the garden of good and evil" de John Berendt mas que nada por que estuve en Savannah en la epoca en que se escribio, conoci a muchos de sus personajes y vivi en la casa del peluquero de la historia, la alquilabamos mi ex mujer y yo durante nuestra temporada en Savannah!

Mi comida favorita es la Coreana, me encanta el "Bulgagi"Barbacoa Coreana, es lo mejor... Seguido por la caribeña, la Americana del sur de Estados Unidos y la Italiana. Eso sin contar la comida de r.... ("Risas")

Mi pelicula porno favorita, bufff, pues todas las que sale Ben Andrews o Chad Hunt, ken Ryker es otro de mis favoritos.

Un titulo de una que me ha imprecionado mucho es "Taking Flight" de Falcon studios, fue rodada en un plato de Hollywood donde se ruedan ecenas que se supone son dentro de un avion y las hacen en un avion real cortado a trozos, es imprecionante, una de las mas costosas de la historia del porno gay.

Ultimas frases tambieneliminadas...

Algun ultimo pensamiento?

Muchisimas gracias por la entrevista, espero sea de vuestro agrado y que me de a conocer un poquito mas a todo aquel que la lea...

Para mas informacion y contrataciones visitar mi pagina web o
para seguirme los pasos y saber las ultimas nuevas en el mundo de Milan...

un beso enorme para tod@s...

Milan Gamiani

Es increible como se puede manipular una entrevista, acortar por falta de espacio o cualquier razon, eliminar preguntas y respuestas completamente de la misma sin nisiquiera preguntarle al entrevistado que le parece?

que mal no?