martes, 16 de septiembre de 2008

Milan Gamiani, This week in Valencia, Madonna is Calling!!

Even thought it seems it was just the other day when I was flying to London to see Mama Madonna, here she comes again with a whole new tour, and we must go to adore her...
So Valencia Here we come! If you would like to reach me there, as usual the only way is calling me...+34 679 16 1826

I will try on snap a couple of pics for the blog, even thought I am sure any proper gay man out there has allready seen atleast one picture from the concert from the thousends there are out there on the web...
Here is a pic of me acting up rigth before going to see the last tour...

Here are some pictures from the concert

lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2008

Milan Gamiani... search Milan Gamiani
Photos Abelmo Barcelona +3 4690 195 285

This last June Milan Gamiani recorded his first music video for a show tour called
"Live Sex Show" the first show took place in "Metro Disco" in Barcelona and he has schedule many more to come in the near future all over Spain...

The director and creator of the video was non other than Pedro Xtrabcn, the well known Graphic Designer/Video Producer and artistic director of many of the club scene shows in Barcelona.
The idea of a reverse strip show came to Pedro`s mind when searching for a good opening act for Milan`s performance on the "Live Sex Show" tour.
The video is sensual, playful, erotic, instigating, voyourish and above all very much how Milan wakes up every morning to an all high in the sky hard on!!!
The video can be seen unsensored and unedited at search Milan Gamiani

As you all probably know Milan resides in Barcelona since 6 years ago this October, has participated in over 26 adult movies on his 5 year career as a Porn Star and has appeared in more than 20 stages around the globe for performances and shows that have stun viewers every where he has stepped foot in. Read more about Milan´s career on his Bio soon to come out on a book titled , "They call me Milan" due in stores in mid 2010.

The making of "The Video" Stay tuned for more...
The bed...

Milan Gamiani en la radio Onda Rambla

Este verano 08 Milan participo como colaborador en el programa de Tony Rovira, El Poeta Pelegri, fueron noches muy divertidas y amenas, llenas de alegria y pasion puesto que las historias que nos topabamos cada noche no se podian superar, radioyentes que llamaban con sus problemas sexuales, sus historias y fantasias y muchas historias que compartian con los locutores de la noche, una mesa de devate y discucion como ninguna otra.
Contabamos con Tony Rovira, un gran entertainer de este pais, La Mami, una gran mujer, y cuando decimos una gran no es solamente por lo buena que es, si no tambien, por su peso, 150kilos de amor para repartir, El Miguel Pino,tan divertido y picaro como siempre, igualito que en la tele! se encargaba de la web y chat y llamadas en directo, La Sonia Baby, una grande del porno Español, Carmen de Mairena, la reina del paralel quien no conoce a la Carmen?, Juan Carlos Benzal pianista y musico quien nos alegraba las noches tocando el piano en directo en la emisora, Lourdes Savaresse, Fantastica cantante Argentina con una voz y un aspecto impresionantes e igualmente preciosos, y muchos mas conmo El propio Milan Gamiani quien compartia con los de la mesa de debate las historias de los radioyentes, contestaba preguntas de sus fans y aconsejaba en el pleno de su materia, el sexo...y personajes como el Humedes con sus historias y revolcones que nos contaba cada noche y la _________________ Gran personaje de la noche Barcelonense, con sus disfraces y sus canciones que nos alegraban cada noche.
Esto fue el Programa de radio mas ameno de la noche de Cataluña, esperemos que vuelva a las ondas de radio muy pero que muy, muy pronto! Gracias Toni por este gran verano!

My perdition, Junk food from the Americas...

Many of my friends and followers know that one thing that makes me loose it when it comes to food, is my American Goodies, (Candies, Cereals, Cookies and Chocolates amongst others) that are so hard to find here in EUROPE, and for what I always ask my friends to bring me what ever they find on their travels.
But many clients and fans have asked me to share with them what is it that turns me on about American Goodies and junk foods and candies that I love so much and to show them what they are so they too can join my friends in the search for my sweet orgasm...
So this is my attempt to share with you all my perdition...

The cookies and junk food that rock my world...

Ginger Snaps Cookies This ones are one of my favs, made with ginger, have that tingly sensation in your mouth every time you take bite.
Fig Newtons CookiesSince I was a kid, this ones have always made me happy.
Whole grain Fig Newtons Just to pretend I am watching my figure...
Mallowmars Cookies
Marshmellows, graham crakers and chocolate, a S´more ready to eat and no baking necesary!

Honey Maid Graham Wafers 40% less fat variety This ones are the best, you can eat them with anything and they are healthy, can you believe it? May be i like to believe it...

Honey Maid Delight Bars
Orgazmic!! and only 100 calories!!!

Some of my favorite cereals

From Kellog's

Kellogg's Pop-Tarts Whole Grain Brown Sugar Cinnamon

or apple strudel, or apple cinnamon. Love to start my mornings with one of this, even if is not toated... also love to snack on them between meals.

Kellogg's Corn Pops cereal
Big debate between the cereals, I love them all the same, including "Fruity Pebbles" (not pictured here), Apple Jacks where my most favorite as a kid, but the "Pops" there where fights at home for this ones... they are great for eating like pop corn while watching a movie... YUM!

Kellogg's Apple Jacks cereal

From Quaker
Captain Crunch cereal (Quaker Cap'n Crunch)
and Cap`n Choco Peanut ButterBooth of this are so good!

Instant Oatmeal Apple Cinnamon
For a more serious breakfast, yum yum! My granny would be proud!

Aunt Jemaima Pancake ans Syrup

From Hersheys

REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups (my favorite chocolate bar of all times)

REESE'S Puffs Peanut Butter Cereal This are relatively new but they rock!!

REESES Peanut Butter Wafer 100 calories Bars This are new too, is like taking a bite of heaven...

REESE'S Peanut Butter Love to eat this stuff with pretzels and breadsticks, also with Ritz crackers or Graham crackers, is soooo gooood!
YORK Peppermint Wafer 100 calorie Bars New and approved, only 100 calories...

(Booth the York's and Resse's bars are the greatest invention to hold your hunger and only with 100 calories)

There are plenty more items I have on my wish list, like "Dr.Pepper" soda, specially "Diet Cherry Vanilla, Dr.Pepper", "MIke and Ike's" gummies, or "Sour Patch Kids" gummies, "Ritz Crackers", "Nutter Butter" cookies Ohh Lord there are just so many things i can't find here, like BBQ sauce from Hunts, or Hot Wings "Frankies Red Hot Sauce"
So in the end, Junk food, and I do realize all of this is horrible for my diet is one of the things that I miss the most, along with the 24Hr open stores like the Apple store or the supermarkets for that fact, the post office or the food home delivery from just about any restaurant in town.
Like I always say, there is no city like my city, NEW YORK, I love you!!
Now you know a bit more and can always hit the target if you go shopping for me... LOL

I finally got my blog back!!

Hello fans and readers, thank you for your support and patience.
As some of you might know I have had the inconvenience of having a stalker, who has caused me a lot of troubles, some of them, the appropriation of my website (still in his power) my E-mails and this blog spot to mention a few. I have had to recur to justice and trials to reclaim my intellectual property on the Internet etc.
To this date and since July 08 I have suffer to the hands of this individual the harsh reality of a Hollywood like movie, similar to "Sleeping with the Enemy" or "Misery".
I am ok now, but it has been a terrible summer and all because of Paolo Collura.
see pictures below
If you see this man, please stay away, is for your own good. He is Obsessive, possessive, a sociopath, jealous freak, violent, compulsive liar and as if that was not enough has had the audacity to send fabricated medical information to all movie production companies about my health and status.
From here I would like to clarify that I am in good health and in a negative status, that even thought the damage Paolo Collura has caused is beyond repair, I still would like to assure my fans, clients and colleagues that there is nothing to worry about, there will be a lot of Milan Gmaiani for years to come.
A restraining order against Collura has been issued in favour of Gamiani after assisting to court for a domestic violence and appropriation of intellectual (internet) material including the name and trade marks of Milan Gamiani on a trial on July 08.

To all who have been affected by the actions of this individual, I beg your forgiveness and thank you for your patience and understanding. Once again thank you for your support.

Milan Gamiani