lunes, 13 de diciembre de 2010

I have just been asked what is it like to have children, and if I have been involved in their lifes?
To what I inmidiately responded:

"Yes, I have been and always will be involved in their life!
They are the greatest accomplishments of my life! Been a father has made me understand the love my mom had for us kids, why she did the things she did and how she made it possible, know I know that no sacrifice is big enough, though enough or hard enough when it comes to your children. I use to wonder how my mom got through the toughest times, and why? now I know she did it for us, so we could be better people, good people, educated, talented, caring and honest people.
I know, cause that's what I've done for my children. So to answer your question, what is it like? You wonder? Is like been given the chance to play god and make something perfect. Even when through the eyes of others they might not be perfect, they could even find flaws, to the eyes of the holly father, we are all perfect. Unique, his creation. Those are my creations, my perfect little children!"