lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2008

I finally got my blog back!!

Hello fans and readers, thank you for your support and patience.
As some of you might know I have had the inconvenience of having a stalker, who has caused me a lot of troubles, some of them, the appropriation of my website (still in his power) my E-mails and this blog spot to mention a few. I have had to recur to justice and trials to reclaim my intellectual property on the Internet etc.
To this date and since July 08 I have suffer to the hands of this individual the harsh reality of a Hollywood like movie, similar to "Sleeping with the Enemy" or "Misery".
I am ok now, but it has been a terrible summer and all because of Paolo Collura.
see pictures below
If you see this man, please stay away, is for your own good. He is Obsessive, possessive, a sociopath, jealous freak, violent, compulsive liar and as if that was not enough has had the audacity to send fabricated medical information to all movie production companies about my health and status.
From here I would like to clarify that I am in good health and in a negative status, that even thought the damage Paolo Collura has caused is beyond repair, I still would like to assure my fans, clients and colleagues that there is nothing to worry about, there will be a lot of Milan Gmaiani for years to come.
A restraining order against Collura has been issued in favour of Gamiani after assisting to court for a domestic violence and appropriation of intellectual (internet) material including the name and trade marks of Milan Gamiani on a trial on July 08.

To all who have been affected by the actions of this individual, I beg your forgiveness and thank you for your patience and understanding. Once again thank you for your support.

Milan Gamiani

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Uroš dijo...

WOW! That's perverse! I think it goes to show that what comes around - goes around. It's true. Welcome back, M.

P.S. So, I sent you a silly fan e-mail a long time ago...and you kindly responded (to my surprise) with a sweet message...does this mean it was HIM and not you? :( This was about 2 years ago...

ok. ciao.