domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2008


This last Thursday December 10,2008 the great club Locomotive, Mouling Rouge's discothech, hosted the biggest and most famous annual fetish party, Milan Gamiani was one of the many stars invited to perform on the 20 number show.
Milan who accompanied Lady Monique de Nemours the great mistress of BDSM on her performance along with her slave Darko, served as an assistant to LADY MONIQUE while she performed numerous acts of discipline and spanking, wiping and even a fire stun that left audiences jaw drooped for an instant.
When they watch Milan light up some candles that he offered to LADY MONIQUE, the audience was all ready eyed opened steady, but they where very surprised to see her use the fire from the flame to light some body parts of her slave with a fire stun that you only see in movies.
Tolerance is one of the orders that a slave must learn while been disciplined and Darko has learned it well, the sole of his feet where in flames and not a word came out of his mouth, (Unfortunately there was way too much smoke on the stage and light where too dim so the audience could appreciate the effect, but it made it impossible to take good pictures, so we don't have any to offer you from the show, but we have some of the rest of the evening that was more candent that hell it self... watch and see....
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