martes, 25 de noviembre de 2008

Travel agian... de viaje nuevamente...

Like as usual come the holiday seasson Milan takes a trip arround some big cities to enjoy the Christmas spirit and see what is new on the decorative industry for the seasson, do his Christamas shoping and work a litle... This year is no exception, off we go to koln for the Christmas markets from November 30 to December 5, Dusseldorf Decmeber 5 to 8 and Paris December 8 to 22.

If you would like to visit with Milan while in these cities, please call the apropiat number for eaach country and call to book an appointment...

In Germany please call +49 174 458 7464
In France please call +33 687 728 422
Also you can look at Milan Gmaini`s profiles on "Gay Romeo" at

or on "Gaydar"
For more information on locations and dates etc.
Have a great holiday everyone!

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Uroš dijo...

Disco balls on Christmas tree? Were you inspired by Madonna's Confessions album? he he....cheers!